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Do you have a Cell phone without voice messaging?

Are you a student that needs a phone number with voicemail only?

Do you have special needs for voice messaging?

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Get a phone number with Voicemail for only $2/month, that is it.

Get voice messages via email, or access voicemail from anywhere.

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Automated Digital Receptionist (IVR)

IVR auto receptionistGet a Local or (1800) Toll Free Business Phone Number, raise the profile of your organization, highlight your brand.

Set up the Automated Receptionist and route your calls to any phone or option: Mobile phone, Home Phone, Voicemail, or Any other number.

The Automated Receptionist provides you with a range of options and makes you sound like a fortune 500 Company. It is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs, small and Medium sized businesses (SMB) that want to have the flexibility, reliability and professional appearance without the hassle of installing Phone Servers and Software.

You are in control.

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Cost effective Voice over Internet Phone Service

Need Small Business Phones, Home Phones! VoIP Internet telephone services are very simple: Instead of regular phone landlines, your voice is sent through the Internet (which is a global network)

Have you ever wanted a full featured phone system?

Are you afraid to ask about options and cost?

Start presenting yourself and your business in a professional manor with our feature rich, cost effect and easy to use VoIP telephony system.

VoIP Web phone's hosted advanced business telephony solutions includes:

  • Digital Receptionist - IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Services
  • Virtual Call Centre Services with Voice Messaging
  • Use your own VoIP device or VoIP phone
  • Use softphone (computer software similar to SKYPE)
  • Use PBX or Switch
  • Pay as you go
  • Select from wide range of telephone numbers, including Toll Free USA and Canada
  • Bring your existing numbers to us